The First Step In Creating Great Content

So you want to promote something? It could be an offer, product, information, brand, yourself or your work. There are 3 basic approaches:

One way is to put up a website with the information and then leave it. Walk away – the work is done. Unfortunately no-one will ever find it for, without promotion, it becomes just another WordPress site.

Another way is to create a simple website and then use aggressive/questionable techniques to promote it. Sure you will get noticed quickly with a rapid rise in Google results. The site’s downfall will happen even faster when search engines regard your SEO strategy as spam.

A third way is to create an authority site. One that others promote because they want to. People will read it because it offers them something they need. Your work will be around for a long time on an authority site and, it will get noticed. For this you will need time, patience and a lot of great, original web content.

Original Website Content

Hopefully you’ve chosen the third way. And you have a lot of patience because results will take time. Now you need content. With your reader in mind it will need to be some great, original, unique and relevant work that people will want to read. Or view, or watch, or engage with, or comment on.

Whatever the type of content you need, articles, captions, video, forum posts and so on, it takes a lot content to build a great site. You could purchase it, either a complete site or all the content to make one but that is very costly, and it may never pay you back.

A better way is to do it yourself. That may seem overwhelming at first but creating your own content and learning how to write copy for the web has many benefits including:

  • you know the work is original and your passion shines through
  • the website develops over time in a natural way
  • low cost
  • researching and writing can be personally rewarding
  • practice will improve your skills

Not dull or boring.
Choose passion!

There is no denying this is a lot of work and there are no (well, not many) shortcuts. So choose a topic/subject area that you are interested in, know something about and will be happy to spend hours reading and writing on. If you are not an authority now, you are about to become one!

Sure you can promote an affiliate product or a blog site you know little about and have only a passing interest in but you will soon burn out and get fed up with it. Promote a product, subject, niche, whatever that you are passionate about. Not only will this passion carry you the distance it takes to create an authority website but will show in your work and inspire others.


You’ve taken the first steps, decided to create a quality, authoritative website and you’ve chosen a topic that you love.

We’re here to help you the rest of the way, offering tips and guidance to create great web copy for your new site.


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